We Focus On Maximizing Your Revenue

Cognegicc Diggital Media provides publishers with an opportunity to generate significant revenue streams beyond standard banners, video, POP. We offer a variety of cross-platform ad units that are effective for advertisers, non-invasive to users and require little maintenance on your end.


We helps supply partners navigate the complex demand landscape and implement unrivaled monetization strategies. We deliver unique, effective advertising solutions for each publisher we work with by emphasizing customer service and dedicating ourselves to understanding each client’s business strategy, technology and goals.

Technological Expertise

We works with industry technology leaders to ensure our publisher partners receive the most complete yield optimization strategies. We understand the intricacies of our technology partners’ platforms and use this knowledge and our penchant for testing to empower the Cognegicc Diggital Media team to custom-build demand solutions for each client. The end result is maximum efficiency, performance and revenue.

Maximum Yield

Our objective is to maximize overall revenue for our publisher partners. Whether we’re increasing the value of your current inventory, or providing incremental streams of revenue through our proprietary ad products, we strive to implement a monetization strategy that best suits your needs. A key component of the monetization strategies we build the strategic partnerships we cultivate with media buyers across the entire demand landscape – from direct advertisers and agencies, to trading desks, DSPs, ad networks and exchanges.

New & Innovative Ad Executions

In addition to standard display ,POP and video units, Cognegicc Diggital Media brings advertisers innovative and evolving ad placements that are highly effective in driving user engagement, site traffic, and ultimately, conversions. Our evolved suite of ad capabilities, including instream and outstream video, mobile, allows us to offer clients a strategic and holistic media plan.

Access to Premium Brands

We have an inhouse sales team that works directly with agencies and brands to manage their digital initiatives. We partner with premium publishers to connect our clients with their target audience in a brand-safe environment.

Client Service

Cognegicc Diggital Media is, at its very core, a company dedicated to publisher relationships and shared goals. We provide constant communication and transparency, as we believe intensive collaboration among partners is critical to achieving results. If necessary, we formulate new strategies to ensure the foundation that has been built doesn’t crumble. By working with Cognegicc Diggital Media, you will be working with a fiercely dedicated and professional team who remain steadfast in the vision and desire to deliver results for you at every turn.

Let's work together

Our streamlined solutions can reduce revenue leakage, increase impression value, and maximize monetization.