Access Targetable Audiences Across Connected Devices

We are providing advertisers with an easily-accessible solution to reach their target audience at scale. Our long-standing, direct publisher relationships allow us to offer agencies, advertisers and other demand partners streamlined access to high-quality supply.

Programmatic Access

We offer advertisers multiple ways to access our high-quality supply. By offering multiple buying solutions we give our partners the flexibility they need to efficiently manage their campaigns and engage with their target audiences.

Ad Formats

We offer a full suite of cross-platform ad formats that allow you to engage with audiences across connected devices. Our ad formats include in-stream video, rich media and standard display – all of which deliver against advertiser’s key KPI’s.

Brand Safety

Cognegicc Diggital Media has relationships with Media Trust, Integral Ad Science (IAS), Moat, Double Verify, and other MRC accredited vendors to evaluate its traffic against a variety of measurements to ensure advertisers receive only the highest quality inventory.

Influencers Marketing

Harnesses custom content by Influencers, branded assets, and media extensions that help engage consumers at the micro-level — and to scale to help maximize your brand’s reach and impact.

Performance & Targeting

We can tailor a program to meet your needs, ensuring that your campaigns are a success.

Massive Reach

We have access to billions of monthly ad impressions across mobile and desktop devices. To ensure we meet the supply needs of our advertiser partners, our in-house business development team is onboarding new, high-quality publishers daily.


We offer transparent bid ranking giving our advertising partners the information they need to modify their pricing strategy to gain additional inventory.

Account Management

We provide a dedicated campaign manager who can assist with setting up buys, monitoring and optimizing campaign performance, and providing updates regarding new supply opportunities.


We provide access to a robust reporting platform to monitor campaign performance and optimize placements to ensure your campaign goals are being met.

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