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Cognegicc Diggital Media recognizes advertising and marketing strategies are evolving rapidly, as it becomes more of a challenge to engage and influence consumers across the multiple connected devices they use each day. We see this new environment as an opportunity for brands to break down advertising silos and to build programs that work across connected platforms.

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Welcome to Cognegicc Diggital Media

Cognegicc Diggital Media is a market leader in multiscreen digital advertising solutions. we provide innovative solutions for brands to connect with consumers & helping to drive outcomes for advertisers and publishers across all screens.

We successfully serve 80 million monthly unique visitors from more than 600 managed Premium publishers. Our team of great minds brings their expertise to the table to maximize the success of our partners’ campaigns.We are providing advertisers with a simple solution to reach their target audiences, at scale, through video, display,POP and rich media advertising across connected devices.

We provide our demand partners with multiple buying options, including programmatic - allowing them to tap into our massive supply of premium, direct ad inventory in a manner that best suits their needs. Cognegicc Diggital Media prides itself on delivering outstanding customer service and performance, and by doing so has cultivated and maintained long-standing relationships with top quality companies in the industry.

Our Vision is to delivers highly customizable solutions that adapt to the client’s unique needs. Through quick-change modules, add-ons and special features we guarantee flexibility with plug-and-play performance..

Our mission is to design high-quality solutions that fully automate digital advertising. We help media buyers to reach their target audiences, deliver high-impact brand messages and drive revenues that exceed the most daring expectations

We are committed to the success of our advertisers and publishers. Our goal is to develop and maintain strong, lasting partnerships by conducting every interaction with integrity and excellent service.